Got the scrolling working now.
Wed Mar 17, 2021 5:28pm

Looping gif example:

    • Started working on the same game using COBOL... - Erik_, Sun Mar 14 2021 3:32am
      Being that COBOL is more my programming language of interest outside of work lately, I decided I'd try to make the QB game in GnuCOBOL instead. So far, I don't have the area scrolling like I do in the QB version. It's just a full map view for now. (I'll be working on that next). This is defini... more
      • Got the scrolling working now.- Erik_, Wed Mar 17 2021 5:28pm
        • Sweet! - Retna, Wed Mar 17 2021 9:43pm
          Do you scroll the viewport and the player position at the same time when they press the direction? I might try doing that too...
          • This is the second time of me writing this after clearing... I guess that's definitely a sign it needs to be rewritten. :) * Player position holds x/y coordinates on the tile map. * Screen is drawn based on player xy as the starting point and drawn until it reaches the defined screen width and ... more
            • I removed the "if player's position in the x/y is less than so and so" and just made the player's screen position constant. I was having a weird issue where as you approached 1,1 on the map, you would move 2 tiles instead of one. The new way fixes this. To get the player's map position, I just ne... more
    • Nice! That worked in Firefox. - Erik_, Mon Mar 08 2021 6:29pm
      That's really cool! I never would have thought to make a ASCII style game like this in Javascript. I would totally play a full fledged game that was done like that. Your screen drawing is similar to how I'm doing it. My 2d array just is a TILE type instead of straight integers so it can ho... more
      • Having a tile type could be a good way to define define more things the player can interact with. Like a chest or a door that can be open or closed.
        • and then having some TileHandler or something that defines the action based performed based on the tile type. I guess you would also need some sort of id or something to specify that it was, for example, a specific treasure chest on this specific map? Currently, the only different tile type I hav... more
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