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Thu Apr 22, 2021 5:58am


I was a little surprised myself, but I figured if I'm getting questions from model car guys and all I have to do is change the scale I might as well. The cool thing about 3D printing is 98% of it doesn't matter if you change the scale. With most of the things I've made, the HO (1:87) and S (1:64) Scale versions are the same model and only the scale factor is different.

Facebook doesn't actually provide any support on Marketplace, they're trying to let bots do it all. I guess a bot got screwed up and forced a bunch of people (myself included) to change their passwords and revoked our access to Marketplace. I've got an appeal in, but if there's any humans available they're busy fixing this problem and haven't gotten to me yet.

They were a little worried, but not too much. I guess when they get around 1-year of age, a cold with runny nose and occasional cough is ok. (No fever.) We also had one trouble spot, the doc diagnosed it as "bronchitis with wheezing" and gave us a nebulizer. Once we left, though, it had pretty much been cleared up by the treatment in the office.

We're the other way around. Mama worries so I don't have to. :-)

    • Cool. I would have never even thought about the... - Erik_, Thu Apr 22 2021 2:06am
      model car building audience if I was printing them for a train layout. That's a good idea. I didn't get to see it before you took them down on the Facebook links unfortunately. How did Facebook mess up? I agree with not trusting them with stuff. I almost never even log in. I think one of the l... more
      • I've uploaded photos- Puckdropper, Thu Apr 22 2021 5:58am
        • Those look nice! - Erik_, Sun Apr 25 2021 1:17am
          Do the garage doors work in the first one you linked? If so that's really cool. I think a lot of the large companies are going bots as a first line of defense for help desk type requests these days. I know YouTube causes a whole bunch of problems because there are basically bots for the whole pr... more
        • That's a great printout! - Retna, Thu Apr 22 2021 10:08am
          Never really thought of this before, but 3d printing must have been a game changer for model railroad builders.
          • Not so much right now... there's a lot of old guys - Puckdropper, Fri Apr 23 2021 3:09am
            who don't have printers nor do they want them. They will tell you straight out they don't want to learn the skills to use them. FDM printers also aren't that great at some of the finer details. I can't do a realistic siding pattern, for example, with a regular 3D printer. OTOH, if you're wil... more
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