Oh the "We let the computer do it" and "You might have done
Thu May 06, 2021 5:35pm

wrong but we aren't sayin'." I get sites need bots to help run them as they get to a certain size, but really the bots need to be written well enough to give a reason for their actions... Even if it's just an error code and the real reason doesn't go in to detail.

FB Marketplace is run by bots it seems. Getting a person is impossible. They do things like random bans. I got my access back after the bots decided to ban thousands of people for NO REASON (it was listed as a bug). Then one of my listings went "under review" probably because I sent a guy a message with four hyperlinks to other stuff I had for sale. They were all FB Marketplace links.

Keep your bots in check or not even Neo will be able to save you.

    • but couldn't find any useful info besides "You possibly violated our TOS". They sent a generic email to my main email account and the actual account that was blocked didn't get any notification at all. Knowing Google, I'm sure there's now a note on the account history about it with the actual re... more
      • Oh the "We let the computer do it" and "You might have done- Puckdropper, Thu May 06 2021 5:35pm
        • There are so many auto mod bots everywhere... - Erik_, Thu May 20 2021 5:18pm
          FB, eBay, Reddit, Google pretty much like you said. If they're a bigger site, they're there. Not looking forward to the day where everything is bots disguised well enough to fool you into thinking you're talking to an unhelpful person but you're not.
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