With UCL, did you lose some of the user base when it was...
Thu May 13, 2021 12:15pm

down? It's very quiet there these days but it does seem like the same people still float around. I've seen some of the same user names over at VCFED's forums. It might just be a product of people merging into the larger forum from the smaller ones. Side note, I always found the forum link on UCL to be "hidden". It XT badge doesn't look like it's a link to something, just an image.

or I've also seen 18-year old kids with a good heart and some ideas but life takes them some other way. (He strikes me now as a young kid type.)

I can see that. If my server I ran from my house was more stable, I could see myself offering to host other people's sites and then getting myself in trouble because I couldn't actually provide any reliable hosting. :)

    • We had the domains, but not the hosting. - Puckdropper, Thu May 06 2021 5:30pm
      I guess the guy got some new e-mails or something... or I've also seen 18-year old kids with a good heart and some ideas but life takes them some other way. (He strikes me now as a young kid type.) The original guys, Peter Holowaty and Stephen Pearce gave up UCL and we rebuilt it. Our mistake w... more
      • With UCL, did you lose some of the user base when it was...- Erik_, Thu May 13 2021 12:15pm
        • That's why I gave you the space at my site... - Puckdropper, Mon May 17 2021 4:18am
          At least it'd be reliable. I'd say we lost most the users when UCL closed the first time. Rebuilding, it was never the same again. The only real reason it's hanging around is because the space is already paid for. I bet the last site update was something like 4 years ago.
          • updated in like almost 15 years to me. I checked out some of the pages and I remember going through them like 20 years ago when I first got my XT for free (just paid shipping) from the original UCL board. Anyway, you would obviously know much better than me. :) I don't remember the UCL site bein... more
            • We added the TH99 archive - Puckdropper, Sat May 29 2021 5:09am
              It's actually hosted off of mf_2's hosting, which I'm not exactly thrilled about. We had to do it that way though as the OSManiac hosting ran in to bandwidth issues especially due to bots on the forums. (I designed a new CAPTCHA page that was intended to be as light on bandwidth as possible. That... more
              • Never would have guessed it was split around. Unless it is now and that was just historically after the recreate.
                • It's almost all mine...but the TH99 is on mf_2's hosting - Puckdropper, Wed Jun 02 2021 4:35am
                  I'd like to have it all under one host, but it works as it is.
                  • I have to say, it's pretty seamless when navigating to that section. It's not very noticeable to even click to from the main UCL page though. I didn't even know that section existed until you mentioned something. Even when I went clicking through all the other sections and made the comment of i... more
                    • Our integrated chip menu kinda makes things easy to miss... - Puckdropper, Thu Jun 03 2021 4:44pm
                      Any new(ish) stuff doesn't show up in an obvious way. We got a bunch of info in some text files a member had saved, too. "Text files" is probably not the best description but it's at least accurate.
                      • All sites back then were pretty similar. The original NE website had the same design. Banner at the top, some button links to places to go and some news below that. That said, I feel like it would be weird at t... more
                        • Part of the discussion had been "do we update" - Puckdropper, Sat Jun 12 2021 3:25am
                          After all, browsers from 1997 probably don't understand modern HTML5 or CSS (or a very simple version of CSS.) They're pretty much all similar now. Menu at top, menu at left side, hostile scrolling. If they really mess things up, the menu stays on screen as the thing you actually wanted scrolls... more
                          • Where they show the page and then you have to scroll like 1 or 2 clicks on the mouse wheel for the login / top menu to appear. I understand they like the clean look when you land on the page but it's annoying to use.
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