Maybe it's the way I set up the redirection?
Tue Jun 22, 2021 4:31pm

I just changed it in cpanel. Apparently I didn't turn on or couldn't at the time turn on "wildcard redirect" which told the host to direct anything at the .org to the .net domain. Instead, it loaded from the default domain, puckdroppersplace.us

Now when you go to http://uncreativelabs.org/phpBB2/ you get to what you were expecting.

    • Oh wow that is odd. It also looks like UCL's domain has the "to www or not to www" option as well without any forced redirects. I usually used the site itself to redirect as well in the past but I was hoping not to do that. Maybe I'll just stick with the no "www" and have www.nediscapp.com r... more
      • Maybe it's the way I set up the redirection?- Puckdropper, Tue Jun 22 2021 4:31pm
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