Ah the cravings...
Tue Aug 31, 2021 2:46pm

When my wife was pregnant, she was craving anything sugar. The only problem was that she got really bad gestational diabetes and was taking a ton of insulin shots (first time ever in her life) just to keep the numbers down.

So of course, the one thing she was craving the doctors said she couldn't have.

    • Yeah, exactly. I can't tell you what I had for supper last - Puckdropper, Sun Aug 29 2021 2:24am
      Wednesday, it was just an ordinary day. Last Thursday, however, we had ribs made on the grill for my wife's birthday. She's had it on and off. Fortunately it wasn't too bad, just some stuff here and there. She still gets cravings, though.
      • Ah the cravings...- Erik_, Tue Aug 31 2021 2:46pm
        • Ah man, that sucks. We've been lucky that the GD tests have - Puckdropper, Wed Sep 01 2021 6:45pm
          all been negative, so we haven't had to do anything (and haven't had to retest) with these two pregnancies. I wonder if there's something sugar-like that would have satisfied her cravings without being sugar?
          • Diet soda/pop seemed to actually do the trick. - Erik_, Tue Sep 07 2021 2:31am
            She still drinks diet soda even after the fact. Probably just as bad for you with all the artificial stuff but at least it didn't have sugar in it. Glad you guys didn't have to go through that. It was a nightmare for her. She had to finger test multiple times a day and use the insulin pens I thi... more
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