Good test!!! Just saw what you did.
Wed Sep 29, 2021 1:56am

The browser renders the spaces in your subject as a single space even though if you "view source", they're there. The "What" gets placed a space away from the asterisk. In the RSS feed, the subject line is also sent with the spaces intact. Because there's an asterisk at the start, there are no "leading spaces" to remove, so it maintains the spaces you put in your subject field.

Example of RSS output:
            <title>*      What if the leading spaces were there on purpose? (nm) (Puckdropper)</title>
            <pubDate>Mon, 27 Sep 2021 21:12:10 UTC</pubDate>

Thanks. That was a good test. I think in this case it's still working as intended (or at least it's written to. :) ) I probably wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't still messing around with the RSS Reader code.

    • * What if the leading spaces were there on purpose? (nm) - Puckdropper, Mon Sep 27 2021 5:12pm
      • Good test!!! Just saw what you did.- Erik_, Wed Sep 29 2021 1:56am
        • Can we post a message on the resurrected disc app to see how - Puckdropper, Fri Oct 01 2021 2:44am
          Shawn and Tamara handled things? :-) The next question, is of course, what about trailing spaces?
          • I just checked and their RSS url no longer works. - Erik_, Sat Oct 02 2021 1:24am
            I figured maybe it still would because there's the one active forum left but the goes to a page not found now. That was a good idea though. Trailing spaces exist by default in COBOL on alphabetic or alphanumeric fields as they're fixed length. So any unused character positions are filled with s... more
      • They get removed... for now at least. - Erik_, Tue Sep 28 2021 10:58am
        The description area only has room for 560 characters currently because the screen fits into a standard 80x25 terminal window. Because of this, I remove as much filler as possible so I can display the most of the item description into the small text area. I do have plans down the road to have mu... more
        • *General tomfoolery? I haven't thought of anything - Puckdropper, Fri Oct 01 2021 2:48am
          either. That's a very "classic software" design decision. It's why you sometimes see those things happen. "There just wasn't room, and we had to choose what was important. We were at 4 kB+128 bytes and had to remove some stuff to get under 4 kB."
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