I didn't really understand what most of those things did
Sun Oct 10, 2021 12:07am

until I was introduced to them in college... I may not be super familiar with Perl, but Larry Wall's philosophies changed the way I view certain things. One is if an operation is really common, maybe someone's already got a command for it. So there's RTRIM$, LTRIM$, etc because people needed to remove stuff they didn't want.

I think a lot of help and manuals died out because third parties wrote their own books, and sometimes they were much better. Software companies discovered people didn't desire the help (which often wasn't helpful) and manuals just cost money. Too bad there's not a curated form of YouTube for actually useful videos...

    • I sort of did as well... - Erik_, Tue Sep 28 2021 11:24am
      at least in the beginning. That said, I feel like I rarely got into more than a small set of the commands available and just found ways to hack together the same few commands to make things "work". Grimace, Wry, and the Dragon Slayer Demo are great examples of this. It's a ton of spaghetti code do... more
      • I didn't really understand what most of those things did- Puckdropper, Sun Oct 10 2021 12:07am
        • 32 million downloads: https://www.npmjs.com/package/is-even But in a rational sense, that's a good philosophy. These days, I find myself looking to see if someone already created a package or library online before attempting to reinvent the wheel myself. I think my first real experience wit... more
          • Wait, so there's an entire package that just divides by 2 an - Puckdropper, Tue Oct 12 2021 4:57am
            d tells you if the result has a remainder? (Or shoot, you can just look at the last bit. If 1, not even.) It would kinda make sense in C, where the package could handle different numbers and number types, but isn't a number in JS just a number? (Been a while since I've looked at JS.) One area... more
            • It relies on another package called "is-odd". This is the entire code for "is-even" From: https://github.com/i-voted-for-trump/is-even/blob/master/index.js /*! * is-even * * Copyright (c) 2015, 2017, Jon Schlinkert. * Released under the MIT License. */ 'use strict'; ... more
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