Oh yeah, I forgot about the lighthouse.
Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:51am

I thought it was just a better resolution ship's wheel. 20 years and it still works fine? Wow, sometimes I felt lucky when it made it a few months.

The pen is actually quite nice. What seems to hold things back is the very Mouse-centric UI Most Windows Apps have. Imagine a world without just a mouse to interact with. Maybe a board of Keys? I Tried SketchUp with the pen and it was very difficult to use.

Most OSKs suck. I use Swiftkey on Android, but have Way More typos than on a PC. The Surface Pen "keyboard" isn't doing too great here, I run out room on the line, lift my hand and the inking window Stops entering Text. then I have to Start all over... Tap the input box and restart The Keyboard. maybe it'll improve someday.(These random Capitols are nutty!)

    • The ship wheel is actually Netscape 3 - Erik_, Wed Nov 24 2021 3:58am
      Netscape 4 is the lighthouse icon. (At least in Win 3.x) 4.08 is the Netscape version that burned into my head as well as "THE" Netscape version. I have version 3.04 and 4.08 installed on my 486. For some reason 4.08 recently decided to start freezing the whole computer when opening the program. ... more
      • Oh yeah, I forgot about the lighthouse.- Puckdropper, Thu Nov 25 2021 3:51am
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