That's sort of how I handle that level too!
Tue Dec 28, 2021 12:39pm

I usually grab a present, then head to the left to the helper elf and have him deliver a present. (This sets off the alarm clock along the way, but that's okay.. snoopers are getting the rest anyway). Then, I give the snooper by the tree my present. I hop down, grab the 1up and then jump in the water. Because I didn't deliver a present to the tree, I get restarted back up at the sleigh. Next present to the bottom snooper. After giving him a present, jump back in the water to get back to the top. Last present to the closest and then exit the level. The elf counts as a legitimate delivery so giving the rest to snoopers is valid.

I think around 16k CPU cycles is where the frame rate evens out for me. I think the slowdown in level 3 is largely due to the water sprites. I have a "dumb" SUB that draws foreground specific background sprites and makes sure to redraw them EVERY game cycle even if there's no collisions. I should rework that so it only redraws when Santa is near it.

Just checked.. yeah, bypassing that SUB call lets me go down to 5k CPU cycles on that level. It's definitely a CPU tanker.

It iterates through each sprite tile on the map and checks if it has a water attribute. If it does, it draws the sprite (using the slower background draw method pixel by pixel instead of PUT as GET/PUT eats up running memory). Really dirty way of doing things.

    • I beat level 3 by giving the snoopers 3 presents, then I - Puckdropper, Tue Dec 28 2021 8:03am
      Only had to deliver 2. Pretty efficient, eh? Yeah, I had to turn the cycles up to get it playable. That 1 up on level 3 is hard to get and hard to keep. I'll have to see if there's actually a way to do so.
      • That's sort of how I handle that level too!- Erik_, Tue Dec 28 2021 12:39pm
      • If you press down, Santa goes through the scenery. If it's j - Puckdropper, Tue Dec 28 2021 8:15am
        Ust a little bit, Santa can climb back up with Up. More than about a block height, though and he can't move. I saved it once with jump, but if you go down a tiny bit more you can't jump. Give all the presents to Snoopers and Santa's just not very stealthy, eh? Got a game over on that. :). I wond... more
        • Ah, yeah that's debug code I forgot to comment out. - Erik_, Tue Dec 28 2021 12:25pm
          Originally when I was testing the collision detection, I had the arrow keys move the sprite 1px at a time so I could see the flags get triggered. Up I think is also still there but the "gravity" logic only lets him pop up a single pixel instead of float away. I had thought of that about the prese... more
          • Realistically, though, how important is score? - Puckdropper, Thu Dec 30 2021 9:48am
            Platformers seem to be more about getting through levels rather than achieving the highest score. Does the new demo give you your points when the level ends? It seemed like it just ended the level when you used up the last life.
            • I sort of like having it just to have. - Erik_, Thu Dec 30 2021 2:30pm
              Even Mario Bros has a score, even if no one ever checks it. Also, is a good way of ranking attempts where you don't finish the game. The end of the level should pop up with a screen breaking down the point bonuses. I'd you get game over, there's no points added so you just get a view of your last... more
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