Realistically, though, how important is score?
Thu Dec 30, 2021 9:48am

Platformers seem to be more about getting through levels rather than achieving the highest score.

Does the new demo give you your points when the level ends? It seemed like it just ended the level when you used up the last life.

    • Ah, yeah that's debug code I forgot to comment out. - Erik_, Tue Dec 28 2021 12:25pm
      Originally when I was testing the collision detection, I had the arrow keys move the sprite 1px at a time so I could see the flags get triggered. Up I think is also still there but the "gravity" logic only lets him pop up a single pixel instead of float away. I had thought of that about the prese... more
      • Realistically, though, how important is score?- Puckdropper, Thu Dec 30 2021 9:48am
        • I sort of like having it just to have. - Erik_, Thu Dec 30 2021 2:30pm
          Even Mario Bros has a score, even if no one ever checks it. Also, is a good way of ranking attempts where you don't finish the game. The end of the level should pop up with a screen breaking down the point bonuses. I'd you get game over, there's no points added so you just get a view of your last... more
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