Not finished changes made - latest download here...
Sun Jan 02, 2022 2:46am


* Enemies snoop now a bit slower but will charge at the same speed when they see you.
* There's a buggy "High Score" system added (not finished)
* You now actually have to touch the sleigh or tree to get/deliver a present instead of being a block away
* Run only drains Spirit while moving
* You get a Spirit bonus for picking up the next present
* Movement/Jump completely revamped to HOPEFULLY be a bit smoother... I went back and compared it to a previous version and I think it's much better. It's still not perfect but it's getting there.
* I created some graphical/collision glitches with the sled half and tree if you jump on them... will fix later.

Posting this to hopefully get some input on the new controls. I'm (so far) liking them much better but it's always good to get an outside opinion as I've been tinkering with it for like 2 hours. haha.

Btw the "KEY" command didn't work out though I'm glad I took the time to learn how it all works. It basically works as an interrupt to your program and jumps to a "GOSUB" when the key is hit. Once everything is set up, you don't even need to poll or check it in your code.. It will just jump there on the configured key presses wherever you are as long as it's enabled. Really cool feature.

Unfortunately, it doesn't keep track of chained key presses.

You hold "A" and it GOSUBs to the A handler then hold "B" and it GOSUBs to the B handler, then let go of "B", it doesn't go back to the handler code of "A" after "B" is let go of. It stops after the last "B" press regardless of "A" still being held down.

Did I even mention I was going to look into the KEY command? I feel like I did... but maybe I just thought about it. After this holiday season, I need some real rest...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyway. I'm babbling... Here's the download link: 2022-01-02 Demo

Edit: Wew, I'm not going crazy.. I did mention it at the end of this message: Link

Though the fact I felt the need to update this message with that link may just invalidate my own assertion. hahaha. And with that, I'm off to bed.

    • Just about ready to release a follow up... - Erik_, Sat Jan 01 2022 3:26am
      I want to debug the high score table a bit more before I release the next demo but I think I've addressed most of the issues in your post. I updated run so that it only drains when moving. Things are much nicer like this. I also added a small bonus when picking up a present. So far, I haven't run... more
      • Not finished changes made - latest download here...- Erik_, Sun Jan 02 2022 2:46am
        • I like it. It felt pretty responsive, but there were a few - Puckdropper, Mon Jan 03 2022 8:53am
          times when it felt like the arrow key "stuck" as some other action was happening. With the slower enemies, it's possible to "stalk" one as you work your way through the level. That really saves on Christmas Spirit. I think real Santa would sneak and only use Christmas Magic (Blend, Run) when he... more
          • After reading your post, I decided to try and work on the input and try and hunt down those random stuck key spots. I figured it was from combining using "INP(96)" for movement and "INKEY$" for toggles. So, I moved everything to use "INP(96)" and added a "switch debounce" on the toggle keys so they ... more
        • Got stuck on the last level. Delivered 5 out of 1 presents, - Puckdropper, Mon Jan 03 2022 8:28am
          Can keep on delivering but can't end the level. How I did it: Delivered a few presents to the tree then asked the Elf for help. Gave a couple to snoopers, then tried to end level. Ok, so here's what happened in more detail. With presents to deliver n-1, grab a present and touch the elf. He'll d... more
          • Good find! Thanks! - Erik_, Tue Jan 04 2022 12:14pm
            I have it fixed now, but working out the input issues first before posting an updated demo download.
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