Do you have one with a PCI slot?
Sat Jan 08, 2022 7:46am

Iirc, they started appearing on 486's. You'd need an ISA USB card otherwise.

Funny, though, I've got tons of PS/2 keyboards and only a few USB keyboards. Most computer manufacturers included PS/2 keyboards in the box for a long time after USB became standard. You can get adapters, though. You want to be sure it's an "active" adapter, not one designed for having the electronics in the keyboard.

Newer monitors often speak VGA, it's a good enough standard that refuses to die.

Windows didn't support USB until Windows 95 revision B, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't use a USB device with other OSes, it's just harder.

    • 386 - Joe, Fri Jan 07 2022 11:27pm
      Wondering if there is a way to retro fit my old 386 to a new monitor, newer keyboards, usb mouse etc. My old guy still took the serial mouse, larger keyboard (before PS/2) and I never had the guts to install USB even when I had Win95 on it.
      • They're still cheap enough to find (if you don't go IBM Model M for the keyboard) and work well enough. I actually have a PS/2 to AT keyboard converter like Puck was talking about. Works really nicely. Unfortunately my nice PS/2 keyboard with switches has some dead keys on it so it's not being used ... more
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