ISA only* (nm)
Sat Jan 08, 2022 8:28pm

    • They're still cheap enough to find (if you don't go IBM Model M for the keyboard) and work well enough. I actually have a PS/2 to AT keyboard converter like Puck was talking about. Works really nicely. Unfortunately my nice PS/2 keyboard with switches has some dead keys on it so it's not being used ... more
    • Do you have one with a PCI slot? - Puckdropper, Sat Jan 08 2022 7:46am
      Iirc, they started appearing on 486's. You'd need an ISA USB card otherwise. Funny, though, I've got tons of PS/2 keyboards and only a few USB keyboards. Most computer manufacturers included PS/2 keyboards in the box for a long time after USB became standard. You can get adapters, though. You w... more
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