Just tried turning it off.. it still ran.. just a bit choppy
Sun Jan 09, 2022 12:19am

Honestly, I was expecting it to become a slide show seeing that it "should" go down to 4.77MHz if it's off IIRC. Maybe it dropped from 50MHz to 25MHz instead? (Just cut the CPU speed in half?)

    • Erik's been programming and testing on his 486, you probably - Puckdropper, Sat Jan 08 2022 8:55am
      Do need it on. The code is less sensitive to CPU cycles than it is the clock, so as long as your computer has enough power to render it should run fine. I doubt we'll get away from Integrated graphics... They're much more powerful now and sharing solutions tend to suck.
      • Just tried turning it off.. it still ran.. just a bit choppy- Erik_, Sun Jan 09 2022 12:19am
        • I think they just turned the speed down, - Puckdropper, Tue Jan 11 2022 3:18am
          It wasn't until 286 and 386s that that kind of side-scroller game started to be common, I think. 4.77 just isn't a lot of horsepower, especially if you want color.
          • You might be right... - Erik_, Wed Jan 12 2022 12:11am
            I was just thinking 4.77MHz because a lot of the games on the IBM PC/XT time weren't controlled by anything besides CPU speed so they ran at light speed once MHz started to increase. I thought turning turbo off tried to re-emulate that speed to make those programs work correctly again. I might just ... more
            • There was also a utility called mo_so or slow down or someth - Puckdropper, Wed Jan 12 2022 3:28pm
              Thing similar. I had to use it for a game that was running to fast, but I can't remember what it was. So some systems just slowed the CPU down by disabling caches or skipping cycles. Others really did try to hit 4.77 mHz. I wonder if Delivery Rush can be played on an XT if the graphics were simp... more
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