Same here. Don't think I've even listened to a Hendrix song
Sun Jan 09, 2022 12:50am

in probably 10 years. Not because I don't like it, just hasn't crossed my mind. My old cover band I was in about 15 years ago used to play a bunch of Hendrix. We played Purple Haze, All Along The Watchtower, Hey Joe and another band I was in covered Fire. Good music.

    • about a year or so - Joe, Thu Jan 06 2022 3:34pm
      About a year or so. So what are you guys up to these days -- Job's etc.
      • I'm embracing being a jack of all trades... - Puckdropper, Fri Jan 07 2022 2:35am
        And making a little money 3D printing here and there. Not much to speak of, but hey at least I'm contributing to the IRS's bank account and keeping a small portion for myself, right? Here's one of my buildings:
        • Fun! - Joe, Fri Jan 07 2022 11:22pm
          I'm actually going to be doing a few lessons with our high schoolers on AutoCad and 3D printing next week. We are going to design and print bridges. (The fun part should be cutting out the support structures that are printed too) ... Luckily, being in a school and with all those generous STEM g... more
          • PrusaSlicer makes support removal easy. - Puckdropper, Sat Jan 08 2022 9:09am
            Sometimes the best thing to do is rotate the support about 5 degrees. It doesn't need to be more, I tried 10 and 15 degrees and was just wasting filament. You'd also be surprised sometimes what will print without supports. I don't know if Cura supports angled supports. In PrusaSlicer you do have... more
      • These days... - Erik_, Thu Jan 06 2022 5:31pm
        Most of my time is spent with family and work. Spare time, I've been doing hobby programming (even though my day job is that now too). Got into COBOL and have been making some stuff in that. How about you?
        • *see reply to other post (nm) - Joe, Thu Jan 06 2022 9:42pm
          • And just for old time sake - Joe, Thu Jan 06 2022 10:48pm
            NEW WEBSITE! (And this one has been up the longest of any I ever had) :)
            • JoeBasic, Inc rises again! - Puckdropper, Fri Jan 07 2022 2:37am
              We can give you a custom Puckdropper's Place sub domain. Erik has We can give you I think. I'm not sure if I can have sub-sub domains. :-)
              • HAHA - Joe, Fri Jan 07 2022 11:25pm
                I think I'm good with this one, I run alot my projects on the server side of this one. Though looking to spin up a VPS instead of using BlueHost here pretty soon. Speaking of the JoeBasic Inc stuff, any of you happen to have the source code to my old wrestling sim on your systems. I think I ha... more
                • I might have a copy at my Mom's house... - Erik_, Sun Jan 09 2022 12:30am
                  I checked the backups and stuff here and don't have it but I know I must have downloaded it back in the day. My mom lives 4hrs+ away though so I won't be able to check until next time we go visit (and with Covid surging again, it's going to be a bit...) Edit: Trying so clos... more
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