Have you tried playing level 3 by going down first?
Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:00pm

Is that even possible, within the limits of Christmas Spirit? At least if the fall doesn't work, the level is still winable.

Exactly my thoughts on the high score table. Maybe #10 should be past level 1 and one gift delivered and the top should be about halfway through level 3.

A different enemy type could be one that runs when it hears you near, maybe 5 or so tiles? It would turn around (regardless of direction) when you unblend, so you have to be careful when sneaking behind an enemy.

Another thought would be a Grinch character. He takes your present but instead of having to deliver more you have to find Cindy Lou Who to get the present back from. That might require more work than you want to get in to, especially if Cindy Lou Who appears on any random walkable block.

    • I like the idea of a default high score table. - Erik_, Wed Jan 12 2022 12:07am
      Something easy but not so easy that getting to level 2 will knock the top record off. Yeah, the "trick"iness of falling in that spot has sort of become a problem I'll need to fix now that I'm creating more levels. It makes falling through a one tile hole hit or miss depending if the player was r... more
      • Have you tried playing level 3 by going down first?- Puckdropper, Wed Jan 12 2022 12:00pm
        • No, haven't tried that yet. - Erik_, Thu Jan 13 2022 2:36pm
          I can see that way with blending taking most/all of your spirit. I think I might have the fall issue fixed... or better than it was. I'll need more testing. So far, this definitely works fitting from a to z (and the opposite dir) "x"s are the floor sprites. xxxxxxxxx ....x..A. ....x.x... more
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