Found simbiz... Also found this file
Sat Jan 15, 2022 1:05am

  • Old files - Joe, Sat Jan 15 2022 12:52am
    Hey do any of you happen to have either the EXEs or BAS files of my old SIMBIZ2000 or HARDCOREWRESTLING sitting around? Complete shot in the dark, but worth a try.
    • Found simbiz... Also found this file- Joe, Sat Jan 15 2022 1:05am
      • Nice! Would you be able to send me a copy? - Erik_, Mon Jan 17 2022 1:20am
        I'd like to give it a try again. If not, that's cool too. No surprise here.My email is: haha Thanks
        • Link for SimBiz - Joe, Thu Jan 20 2022 10:28pm

          • *Thanks! First run through I got password: "onune6" - Erik_, Fri Jan 21 2022 8:13am
            Also lol at the Eriksen Inc candidate. I think he was the right choice? haha
            • I think - Joe, Fri Jan 21 2022 5:27pm
              The password was meant for a second edition to the game. However, I'm going through the game and it seems that I always get the password. Hmmmm.... Unfortunately, I don't have the source code --- or maybe fortunately because this we written before any formal programming schooling LOL.
              • I got a different one! I got "e5r4ck" this time. - Erik_, Sat Jan 22 2022 2:21am
                I did terrible though with a super low score. First time I think I got at least 20 points. So maybe there was some sort of "IF" or "SELECT" statement in there that gave you a different password depending on the score? I guess we'll never know without the source code. Thanks for the trip do... more
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