I think that's only because mine is...
Mon Jan 17, 2022 1:16am

actually an QB interpretter where QB64 compiles the QB code into a binary and runs it. Also, CBI doesn't care about any errors interpretting once it does it's basic sanity pass before starting the program. Basically, anything that's not explicitly programmed for is "undefined" behavior.. whether it's right or wrong..

I've seen some more advanced stuff in QB64 than just nostalgia DOS stuff. I'm not sure how these people do it if it only supports one file (besides external includes) and runs like crap on larger file sizes.

With QB45 and DOSbox seeming still to be the better choice and simple enough to set up, I find it odd that QB64 is beating it out. Maybe it's those new features I haven't really looked into. Honestly, I would have though FreeBasic would have won the QB successor war. Though, I looked into that and it looks like it has become a bit too complex for your average QB "quick and dirty" program.

    • It almost seems like COBOL did better than QB64 - Puckdropper, Sat Jan 15 2022 6:07pm
      QB64 just seems so hard to mess with. I get nostalgia, but there's nothing wrong with making things better. I just tried to open the .mak file and got a "file not found" error and when I went back to try again I would have had to renavigate back to the folder with the files. It is amazing, thou... more
      • I think that's only because mine is...- Erik_, Mon Jan 17 2022 1:16am
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