I couldn't get anything really working at all.
Mon Jan 17, 2022 9:22am

It's kinda like someone started copying by taking the look of QB, then didn't do any of the hard bits... like making things actually compile. I couldn't find a way to actually run a program.

    • I actually posted about that on Pete's QB Site - Erik_, Mon Jan 03 2022 2:17am
      a while ago. I don't have a Windows computer (besides 3.11) that I could test it out on though. The people that replied said it was terrible. It was basically a tech demo passed off as a final product. I also heard it was only text based if you could get it running. Sounds like it was about as finis... more
      • I couldn't get anything really working at all.- Puckdropper, Mon Jan 17 2022 9:22am
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