I got a different one! I got "e5r4ck" this time.
Sat Jan 22, 2022 2:21am

I did terrible though with a super low score. First time I think I got at least 20 points. So maybe there was some sort of "IF" or "SELECT" statement in there that gave you a different password depending on the score?

I guess we'll never know without the source code.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :) That was a blast from the past for sure.

Edit: Looks like there are potentially different passwords if you inspect the string data in the exe file. Here's what I see:
 Below is the password you need for the next version of Simulation Business.\00?\00 For updates check
\00you could never get this many points so don't cheat!!!!@
After that, it goes into complete gibberish for the most part.

    • I think - Joe, Fri Jan 21 2022 5:27pm
      The password was meant for a second edition to the game. However, I'm going through the game and it seems that I always get the password. Hmmmm.... Unfortunately, I don't have the source code --- or maybe fortunately because this we written before any formal programming schooling LOL.
      • So I just traced an electronic circuit - Puckdropper, Sun Feb 06 2022 3:10am
        and made my own version of the "source code" or schematic. Not having the source code is almost never fortunate... it's only fortunate when you have to make the decision to rewrite something--properly this time. I know we're a tiny little QB board and Retna occasionally stops by, but you shoul... more
      • I got a different one! I got "e5r4ck" this time.- Erik_, Sat Jan 22 2022 2:21am
        • I wonder if he used an algorithm or LUT? - Puckdropper, Sun Feb 06 2022 3:31am
          (look up table.) Looks like \80 is a character code or something? So e5r4ck looks like Erik \00joe532\C6 is joe Gotta be a LUT.
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