COBORDLE - Wordle clone written in COBOL
Tue Apr 12, 2022 12:51am

So, last month Graham from Graham's World Wide Web server released a QB version of Wordle called WorDOSle (link: ) it 's really good. I actually loaded it up on my XT and played it that way as it comes with a specific monochrome mode. I never played Wordle before and only knew about it because of the hype I've heard. It's actually a pretty fun game.

You have six chances to guess the word. Only full words are allowed as guesses. If a letter is in the right spot, it's highlighted in green, if it's in the wrong spot it's highlighted in yellow and if it doesn't exist it shown in gray.

Still procrastinating finishing Santa's Delivery Rush, I was curious how hard it would be to throw together a version written in COBOL. It actually was really easy and pretty fun to do. COBOL is fantastic at reading, searching and processing fixed length data so this game is right up its alley.

Here's a screen shot of the current game:
COBORDLE game play

And a short little video demo of me fumbling through generating a video for this thing:

GitHub link:

I guess for these type of things I should really start generating compiled executable files so it's easier for people to try it out. :)

    • Cool! It's kinda like Lingo - Puckdropper, Wed Apr 13 2022 4:32am
      Actually, it's a lot like Lingo. Game Show Network had that on a few years ago just about every chance they got. (Now it's America Says and Family Feud, my wife likes those two.)
      • Never watched Lingo before and just looked it up. - Erik_, Thu Apr 14 2022 1:43am
        Yes! It's exactly like Lingo. Wow. It's basically the same exact game just without the "Bingo" board and getting the first letter. Also, it's crazy how long ago that show looks and it was only the early-mid 2000s. Before I googled it, I thought it was going to be like Slingo, a slot machine/bing... more
        • Yeah, Lingo was pretty simple... - Puckdropper, Tue Apr 19 2022 4:47am
          I haven't seen Super Market Sweep in a long time... It's got to be pre-NEMB, and you know how old that is.
          • short reboot in the early 2000s? I never really watched that one. I just remember watching the original when I was kid. Buzzer seems to play Super Market Sweep somewhat often. There was also another game that was similar with the same host (I think?) where it was a mall instead of a super market... more
            • Yeah, I think my sister watched a few times... - Puckdropper, Fri Apr 22 2022 5:49am
              The Price is Right was more likely to get watched... I don't even know if it survived transitioning over to Drew Carey. I wonder what will happen when Pat Sajak and Vanna White decide to retire...
              • Price is Right makes me think of staying home sick - Erik_, Mon Apr 25 2022 1:27am
                from school. I feel like I never really watched it outside of that. As far as I know, it's done pretty well with Drew Carey being the host. He's even looking a bit like Bob these days. I wonder too what will happen with Wheel of Fortune... but then again, I didn't think they would be able to... more
                • Me too... Although it was on a few times in college - Puckdropper, Wed May 04 2022 5:13am
                  when I had some time between classes. Sometimes the new host takes off and it works well. Other times it doesn't really work and the show goes off the air fairly quickly. (Top Gear UK comes to mind... they fired Jeremy Clarkson and he took the other two with him. The new show, well, it's just ... more
                  • Old UK Top Gear was the best. - Erik_, Mon May 09 2022 11:41am
                    I'll never forget the Reliant Robin episode where they kept tumbling it over trying to turn. I haven't watched since the original hosts left nor have I watched their new show. So The Grand Tour isn't great? It's sort of in the back of my "maybe on a rainy day I'll watch" list.
                    • "You can't kill a Hilux" - Puckdropper, Sat May 14 2022 4:01am
                      One of my favorites... I was talking about Top Gear UK with the new hosts... The Grand Tour is good, but it's hard to keep up with because it's so infrequent. I wouldn't say it's a waste of a rainy day, though.
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