There's something called "suspension of disbelief"
Wed Apr 13, 2022 4:45am

It's what makes movies and TV shows set in unusual settings work. We know a thing can't do that but in the movie it can. We accept it and even think along those lines.

That cartridge is really cool! To see a video with that sort of quality from an Atari 2600 is awesome.

    • Personal treadmill floor could work... - Erik_, Mon Mar 28 2022 11:55pm
      Where each person has their own headset and treadmill area. That way they could all "walk around". Good point about your eyes being most trusted. I remember reading about a guy who wore special glasses that flipped the world upside down as an experiment. After a while, the flipped world was 100% nor... more
      • There's something called "suspension of disbelief"- Puckdropper, Wed Apr 13 2022 4:45am
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