Wow, it was that long ago?
Wed May 04, 2022 5:30am

I think I've got the latest version? Man, I wish more software was like that! I sure don't miss making sure I'm running the latest version just so I dOn'T mIsS oUt On ThE lAtEsT fEaTuReS. (That I don't use anyway and think the software is better off without. I've only upgraded because it's internet facing and I want the latest security patches...)

Since most home webspace has disappeared (you know, the /~name sites), people either have to use a forum's upload feature or link to YouTube where they understand how to upload things. Google doesn't help with the first 3 results being video results for simple questions. How tall is the Statue of Liberty?

Hey Guys, welcome to my channel! So, you want to know how tall the Statue of Liberty is, let me tell you where it is and throw some pictures up, some Instagram stuff and bury what you actually want somewhere around 40-60% of the way through the video. Like and subscribe!

    • Just checked out Xnews. Last update was 2005? - Erik_, Mon Apr 25 2022 1:24am
      is that right? I guess that could make sense, not many Usenet things probably going on these days. One thing I hate with bandwidth being cheap is that everything is a YouTube video these days when it doesn't have to be. Looking up music transcriptions has become bad with this. I just want to see... more
      • Wow, it was that long ago?- Puckdropper, Wed May 04 2022 5:30am
        • Updates can be a double edged sword sometimes too... - Erik_, Mon May 09 2022 11:34am
          My main computer is getting old.. or is old... I think it's like 7 years old now. Updates are good like you said for patching security things that are internet facing but not all applications need to be auto updated. For example, The IntelliJ IDE I use for Java on my laptop seems to get auto updated... more
          • Sometimes it's time for a new thing - Puckdropper, Sat May 14 2022 4:31am
            That's when you want to upgrade and update. I'm running Sketchup version 8 because Sketchup Make 2017 is not different in any important way. It seems to still have all the same problems and just takes more resources to use. I'd have upgraded if it really WAS an upgrade (it was free after all), bu... more
            • seem to require a computer restart when the come. I tend to push them off for longer than IT would probably like due to me usually keeping 5 million things open and it being a pain to have to reopen everything after the update finishes. That's a good point about the text vs video. Usually, I'm ju... more
              • How hard would it be to do things like restart without - Puckdropper, Tue May 24 2022 4:27am
                disrupting the user's environment? Sometimes I get my 4-5 apps open and a restart just kills things. It also destroys my short term memory of where things were and how they were. Sometimes I don't want to save *yet*, I'm trying something and don't want the clutter on my disk. (How many people ha... more
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