Completely agree.
Mon May 09, 2022 11:16am

I get that pages get paid x amount for ad clicks they display, but how many people that accidentally (or the very few on purpose) click on an ad actually then proceed to spend any money on the sites they get sent to. What's worse, it's sometimes just a pyramid scheme of ad sites.

Ex: start at one site with 3 ads. Click an ad and get redirected to a site with 8 ads.. click an ad now this site has even more. The links get shadier the deeper down the click hole you go. But who's paying? I guess whatever personal info they can scrape or sketchy tracking cookies they leave on your computer make it worth it?

Deranking sites with a ton of ads or "pop in" subscription/other windows in search engines would be amazing. Google controls so much of the search traffic that they could basically change how pages operate by enforcing something like that strictly. They unfortunately won't though because a large part of their money comes from the their "Ad Sense" ads they sell. Maybe a competitor like DuckDuckGo or Bing could sweep in with something like that at the very least.

    • The web is pretty much unusable without uBlock. - Puckdropper, Wed May 04 2022 5:19am
      I get that things cost money and that ads give them money to pay for things, but throwing those things in my face and hopefully under my mouse click (would they be that evil? Slide an ad right under the mouse? Yep.) I wish that Google would derank sites that behaved so poorly. I'm usually gone... more
      • Completely agree.- Erik_, Mon May 09 2022 11:16am
        • There's a few ads that require someone to do something - Puckdropper, Sat May 14 2022 4:17am
          like actually make a purchase before they pay out. They pay a lot per action because the action is so rare. Most are per-click, though. I'm just not sure I'd even trust a site I go to because of clicking on a banner ad. They just seem so sketchy. It's kinda interesting how there's all this mo... more
          • Or is it one of those things where they just host SO many pages that even if each site only gets them a small amount of ad money, the number of sites makes up for it. Also, I wonder if you get paid for a click done by a web crawler? I get those on this site clicking buttons and links all the time. M... more
            • That's a good question, and I wonder if that's how it works - Puckdropper, Tue May 24 2022 4:21am
              Maybe the ads and clicks are so cheap they can't make any money with just one thing, so it takes a whole host of them to make things work. It's kinda like phone and e-mail scams, the message is so cheap they don't lose any money but if they just get one sucker it pays for annoying hundreds of thous... more
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