"You can't kill a Hilux"
Sat May 14, 2022 4:01am

One of my favorites...

I was talking about Top Gear UK with the new hosts... The Grand Tour is good, but it's hard to keep up with because it's so infrequent. I wouldn't say it's a waste of a rainy day, though.

  • Old UK Top Gear was the best. - Erik_, Mon May 09 2022 11:41am
    I'll never forget the Reliant Robin episode where they kept tumbling it over trying to turn. I haven't watched since the original hosts left nor have I watched their new show. So The Grand Tour isn't great? It's sort of in the back of my "maybe on a rainy day I'll watch" list.
    • "You can't kill a Hilux"- Puckdropper, Sat May 14 2022 4:01am
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