Some apps want to restart after the update.. the OS updates.
Wed May 18, 2022 5:35pm

seem to require a computer restart when the come. I tend to push them off for longer than IT would probably like due to me usually keeping 5 million things open and it being a pain to have to reopen everything after the update finishes.

That's a good point about the text vs video. Usually, I'm just looking for a specific piece of information as opposed to the whole thing. I'd probably sit through an interesting short video of something like Ponce de Leon over reading a dense article on it. But if I wanted to know what years hes searched for the fountain of youth, I'd go text route and CTRL+F. (Just did this... apparently he didn't actually search for it, it was attributed to him after his death)

    • Sometimes it's time for a new thing - Puckdropper, Sat May 14 2022 4:31am
      That's when you want to upgrade and update. I'm running Sketchup version 8 because Sketchup Make 2017 is not different in any important way. It seems to still have all the same problems and just takes more resources to use. I'd have upgraded if it really WAS an upgrade (it was free after all), bu... more
      • Some apps want to restart after the update.. the OS updates.- Erik_, Wed May 18 2022 5:35pm
        • How hard would it be to do things like restart without - Puckdropper, Tue May 24 2022 4:27am
          disrupting the user's environment? Sometimes I get my 4-5 apps open and a restart just kills things. It also destroys my short term memory of where things were and how they were. Sometimes I don't want to save *yet*, I'm trying something and don't want the clutter on my disk. (How many people ha... more
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