I actually have played a bit recently too!
Thu May 19, 2022 2:42am

I have the DreamPi set up which allows my Dreamcast to still connect to games and such for a while now. I've played on and off over the years since the mainstream release. I'm not sure what brings me back to it. We used to joke that the loading screens had subliminal messages to tell you to keep playing but it's probably just the gambling aspect of the RNG of what items might drop from enemies during playing.

Speaking of Genesis, one of my absolute favorite games for it was/is Kid Chameleon. It had over 100 levels (which was insane at the time) and it was actually really fun to play with the different power ups changing you into a completely different person/thing. You had the "flag" endings which moved the game to the next level or warps which could send you to who knows where in the level order. The "drill" levels to this day still give me anxiety. (Ex: )

  • "DAY-TONE_AH!" That was fun! - Puckdropper, Sat May 14 2022 4:21am
    Phantasy Star Online... I seem to remember someone playing quite a bit of that in college... :-) Wonder if any of your posts still survived? I've just got the Genesis so pretty much all I remember is Sonic. I do remember seeing their logos on Arcade machines, though.
    • I actually have played a bit recently too!- Erik_, Thu May 19 2022 2:42am
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