How hard would it be to do things like restart without
Tue May 24, 2022 4:27am

disrupting the user's environment? Sometimes I get my 4-5 apps open and a restart just kills things. It also destroys my short term memory of where things were and how they were. Sometimes I don't want to save *yet*, I'm trying something and don't want the clutter on my disk. (How many people have 1.ext, test.ext, test_1.ext 2.ext New Folder>eoalsf.text, delete_me.ext etc?)

Or there's a point where you *can't* save. When I print a shipping label, I select the manual feed tray and A6 paper size. As long as my PDF reader stays open it remembers it. I don't want it to be the default, though, as I use standard paper for everything else. Reboots naturally close my PDF reader, so now I've got to go in and reset all my settings.

    • seem to require a computer restart when the come. I tend to push them off for longer than IT would probably like due to me usually keeping 5 million things open and it being a pain to have to reopen everything after the update finishes. That's a good point about the text vs video. Usually, I'm ju... more
      • How hard would it be to do things like restart without- Puckdropper, Tue May 24 2022 4:27am
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