I remember reading that as well at some point.
Wed Jun 01, 2022 1:10am

QWERTY was a slower layout for right handed people because the non-dominate hand did most of the keystrokes which kept their WPM down. Being left handed, I guess I got a leg up for once? (unlike scissors or can openers... haha)

  • Legend has it that's why QWERTY was invented. - Puckdropper, Tue May 31 2022 4:21am
    Maybe it's true, where most words require swapping hands to type. That was supposed to give time for the "hammers" to move out of the way as you typed.
    • I remember reading that as well at some point.- Erik_, Wed Jun 01 2022 1:10am
      • What makes scissors different? - Puckdropper, Sun Jun 05 2022 3:22am
        So why don't we switch to something better? Well, I guess it's why I've still got my Yahoo! e-mail address and don't use anything else. It's not THAT bad (actually, it's mostly good in "basic" mode) and I've been using it since before "keyboarding" class in high school.
        • when you use them on your left hand instead of your right. I think I might be one of the few people that uses the mouse with their left hand. Buttons are still the "righty" way though. It's been so long since I've had a Yahoo account, I can't even picture in my head what their email website looks... more
          • Ah, I see. Especially those with the molded "ergonomic" han - Puckdropper, Mon Jun 20 2022 1:05am
            dles, right? I tried using the mouse left handed for a while back in high school... It was easier to swap the buttons, but I can see how that would be difficult especially when you sit down at a computer to help someone. Wait, let me swap the buttons. No, it wasn't the button swap that fixed your... more
            • specific lefty and righty scissors and then the "universal" ones which were just without any molded handle. I probably got used to using the mouse buttons in the "righty" way for a reason like that. My family computer had the mouse on the right as everyone else in my family is right handed. My computer... more
              • I can imagine getting yelled at for swapping the buttons - Puckdropper, Sat Jun 25 2022 11:58pm
                So it was just easier to use them like that. I had an IBM Model M with swappable keycaps and changed them around to DVORAK. I tried using it for a while and decided I needed to use what everyone else did so I could use other computers. Some laptops can have their keycaps swapped easily, like a Lenovo... more
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