It would take quite a bit of tuning
Mon Jun 20, 2022 1:08am

as there's a lot of sites vying for that top spot. I've seen entire pages of search results that are rip offs of each other.

Might still be worth it, though. Especially for things where you need to go more in depth on.

    • engine would work. Like how DuckDuckGo uses Bing and others user Google. Same idea, but just implement the upvote/downvote/block system on the results. Doing it that way might actually be simple enough to throw together a proof of concept depending on home easy it is to "borrow" the actual search re... more
      • It would take quite a bit of tuning- Puckdropper, Mon Jun 20 2022 1:08am
        • Those fake sites are the worst. - Erik_, Thu Jun 23 2022 12:56am
          They clog up the first page with snippets of text they randomly copied off other sites just to get the top spot.
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