On the bright side, at least it was only $10!
Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:11am

I didn't consider miners. That could be a possibility though I thought they used high end graphics cards to mine?

If the code is burned into the BIOS ROM and they didn't have time to fix the bug correctly before the batches were made, it might have been the quickest dirtiest fix they could do to hide the bug. Ex: just halt on no monitor input, no need to worry about any things getting screwy with defaulting to a standard resolution. Also, less QA testing I'd think.

Still, a terrible feature.

I guess if it wasn't on purpose, follow up iterations would have had it removed and there wouldn't be a market for these VGA dongles.

  • Maybe it's to slow down mining efforts? - Puckdropper, Mon Jun 20 2022 12:55am
    But honestly, the miners are going to just use cards that don't have that anti-feature. (Or attach a resistor to the VGA pins for a cheap fix.) If it is to cover a bug, why not pretend you have a standard resolution monitor attached, like 1024x768? When a new monitor appears, update the system to... more
    • On the bright side, at least it was only $10!- Erik_, Thu Jun 23 2022 1:11am
      • It's the dumbest anti-feature I can think of - Puckdropper, Sat Jun 25 2022 11:54pm
        I just can't fathom why they'd do that. If it was security, have a method to ENABLE it in the BIOS. I get so tired of having to ask someone's permission to do something. "Can I use my PC as a headless low stress server?" "NO, it's a PC not a server." "Here, let me install the equivalent to piping... more
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