Yep, it's the trade off. Easy != Cheap
Sat Jul 02, 2022 5:01am

I usually weigh first, up the weight on eBay by at least one class (first class is up to 4 oz, then 8, 12, and 16) just in case things run a little heavier once packaged. But I'm not selling casually just slowly...

  • when selling on stuff like eBay too. If I know it will fit in this size flat rate box, I know the shipping will be exactly this price. I know in the past, I didn't have things packaged and weighed before I put them on eBay. I didn't bother doing that until the item actually sold. That said, I've... more
    • Yep, it's the trade off. Easy != Cheap- Puckdropper, Sat Jul 02 2022 5:01am
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