I heard that screeching PC speaker scale up in my head. lol
Thu Jul 07, 2022 11:07am

I used Opera a bit in the mid 2000s. I liked it, but as you said, it wasn't different enough from FireFox to warrant being anything but a 2nd browser. I stopped using it completely by the late 2000s and I haven't touched any newer versions since.

The Windows 3.1 version is pretty awesome. It's the only browser for it that has "tabbed" browsing. It's not really tabbed though, it's in the Win 3.1 style of having multiple windows inside a main containing window (like program manager but with browser windows instead of program groups).

I can see why people liked it when it first came out. It's a big step up from anything else available at the time. At least for Windows 3.1.. The version of Opera I have is from 2000 so the latest IE for any version of Windows was 5.0 (which is what I have also on that computer) and it's better than that. Netscape was 4.7/6 around that time. I don't really remember those versions to compare but it's better than 4.6.

The version of Opera I'm running is 3.62. Sort of curious what the older versions are like. First release was all the way back in 1994.

  • Erik: 4. Sing Opra - Puckdropper, Thu Jul 07 2022 12:57am
    Computer: 1. Next Screen I remember a lot of people were hot on Opera, saying it's better than Netscape and IE. It had some good parts, it kinda felt like Firefox/Pale Moon a bit. It embraced the tabbed browsing interface, which really is a nice way to go. I used it some but I think it went for... more
    • I heard that screeching PC speaker scale up in my head. lol- Erik_, Thu Jul 07 2022 11:07am
      • 3.62, yeah! - Puckdropper, Tue Jul 19 2022 3:15am
        I think that's the version I was using. It's probably running around on a hard drive archive here somewhere. Netscape after 4.8 just kinda jumped the shark. I remember the college had better computers than we did so they had Netscape 6 but I just was never that impressed. (That's from a time when... more
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