The RSS feature is similar and actually sort of nice.
Fri Jul 15, 2022 12:17pm

It's sort of like the daily subscription email but in real time.

Twitter though? I'm honestly not sure how many people actually ever used that feature. It came later in the life span of the service (2009). From searching the Help Forum, I see 2 or 3 people ever asking questions about it. Link to original announcement post.

I actually set up a Twitter for the first time ever on the day the site closed to test it and get copies of related HTML templates so it could be recreated at some point. <-- you can see the one test post from here that got posted on the account.

Here's the screens from the admin section without the CSS formatting. As you can see, there wasn't really many options.
Link to twitter

So it works like the RSS feature except instead of the RSS reader pulling from the site, the site pushes to Twitter. Who is using a Twitter to follow a message board? Idk... maybe some people do. lol

There were also messages back then about a feature to auto post to a Facebook account but that doesn't look like it ever got any traction.

Edit: Actually, just found another feature that's missing. Image URLs (Ex: should auto link with img tags sort of like regular URLs auto link with anchor tags... added to the "To-do"

  • Wait, you can tweet these boards? - Puckdropper, Fri Jul 15 2022 4:15am
    So people on Twitter can read our random nonsense and just talking about life in general? I rather think that'd improve it, don't you?
    • The RSS feature is similar and actually sort of nice.- Erik_, Fri Jul 15 2022 12:17pm
      • People with the Twitter App or - Puckdropper, Sat Jul 16 2022 4:21pm
        Shawn and Tamara trying to get more people to use their software. We kinda found out how dead things were--the NEMB was in the top 10 active boards--when they shut down. Too bad, these forums are nice, especially since there's no JS running to capture every keystroke and do analytics that screw things... more
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