That's exactly it... Guys who are constantly tinkering with
Mon Jul 18, 2022 5:51am

stuff need a place to tinker. You'll get depression pretty bad without being allowed to be yourself.

I've still got to mow sometime, I'm not sure when that will work out. Got a full day tomorrow and gonna be busy moving, plus usually when my wife gets off work the last thing on our minds is her watching the kids while I mow. Usually it's supper.

My wife thinks we've split the house with me having the basement and her having the upstairs, and that's pretty close to true. I sure don't maintain the space down here to her standards, especially my work area, constantly having to clear* surfaces is stressful to me.

*clear = Devoid of items
*clean = devoid of dirt
*tidy/neat = rows and columns
*organized = arranged according to a system. It need not be clear, clean, or tidy.

  • At least for me. Going from being the center of their attention to not is going to be interesting (for lack of a better word). Right now, if there's things that need to get done during the day, for example mowing the lawn, I'll usually run out quick if it's not raining (or even if it is) on my day off... more
    • That's exactly it... Guys who are constantly tinkering with- Puckdropper, Mon Jul 18 2022 5:51am
      • Getting things tidy/neat has been on my TODO list for probably 3 years now. Same thing here with chores at the end of the day. Days I work and my wife watches our kid or visa versa, doing chores is the last thing on our minds too. I have a bad habit of going "Eh... I'll take care of that tomorrow"... more
        • An empty desk is the sign of an empty mind - Puckdropper, Mon Jul 25 2022 2:27am
          I just shut the gate so the kids don't mess with stuff and go about my other business. Nice. Sometimes I do clear off things, you just got to. Sometimes you have to admit your trash can is the best place for these parts you laid down and put them away. (I have a few parts that need to go there... more
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