It's good on a case by case basis...
Tue Jul 19, 2022 3:22am

Yahoo! Mail used to automatically save drafts, it was really handy. Groups IO automatically saves drafts, and it's just annoying. Both message sending websites and the same behavior works nice on one and terribly on the other. (I know, we're talking about programs but you get the point.)

Code/Design is one place I usually want implicit save for power loss but explicit save before it overwrites my file. Sometimes I'll use a drawing/document as a scratch piece of paper and find out the changes I'm making aren't worth keeping. Quit without saving? YES!

A quick disk hit after a shutdown isn't as bad as constantly saving to avoid data loss. Microsoft knows that unnecessary disk io is a bad thing and goes to some lengths to avoid it... at least in their code. Since they ARE the virtual memory managers, they can do quite a bit even if the software doesn't. I remember how fast RAM Drives were, so I wouldn't be surprised to find there's a form of RAM Drive that saves the changes to RAM then dumps it to the disk--in fact I think I just described a hard disk cache.

  • now. When using stuff like IntelliJ or VS Code, I don't even think anymore of having to manually save. I wonder how much disk IO that generates? Even if it's small, it must be a lot of writes. I feel like I haven't had an issue where even a word was missing. I'm not using spinning magnetic disks anymore... more
    • It's good on a case by case basis...- Puckdropper, Tue Jul 19 2022 3:22am
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