It kinda grows on you!
Thu Aug 04, 2022 3:58am

It's just weird and silly enough to be fun.

You have to open the Password Manager on your device and type the password in manually on the other device. There's some cloud-based services out there, but what happens if they guess your cloud-based password manager password? You can save the file and let it bounce back and forth from a network share, but you need to know how your share/OS handles conflicts.

I've still got a few "type-based" passwords, for things like webforums and the like. Low effort, low security, easy to remember. (Yep, if you log in as me on one forum you'll probably be able to do it on another. What can they do that an "I'm sorry, my account was hacked" can't fix?) I've also got a few memorized passwords like e-mail and bank. Those don't go into the password manager just in case there's an issue--and they're memorized anyway.

  • Flowers added. haha - Erik_, Wed Jul 27 2022 5:33pm
    I can't believe it was possible to do that with CSS. Looks "good" (actually bad, but what I expected it to look like) in Firefox but looks bad-bad in Chrome because it renders the unicode symbols in all black instead of with colors. ...actually, it looks like it's just my Chrome desktop browser doing... more
    • It kinda grows on you!- Puckdropper, Thu Aug 04 2022 3:58am
      • Probably could be made to look nicer with some more work put in (ex: Starting the flowers not at the center of the character like they are now on the edges) Ah, so is that sort of like the password section of Firefox? It lists all the URLs you have passwords saved for and you can then click on the... more
        • Yes, Firefox probably contains a full password manager now - Puckdropper, Sat Aug 06 2022 3:41am
          I'm wondering if websites will just start assigning you a password that fits their requirements (I should find a "high profile" website with such restrictive rules there's only like 16 passwords available and brute force them all--then publish it.) I keep it on the computer only, anything that I need... more
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