QR code functionality added.
Thu Aug 04, 2022 12:19pm

Good ideas!

Code wise, the QR code was actually really easy to add thanks to CPAN and having a ready-made module to do all the heavy lifiting. The only issue I ran into is what libraries were available on the host server. The original module I tried created "png" files but I was missing the libpng dependency on the server so it couldn't render the image. So, instead I went with this one: Imager::QRCode which let me generate the file as a simple bmp bitmap.

Seems to work okay. Max text string for both message posting and QR string are now capped at 2024 characters. (I saw your massive text blob post hahaha). A massive string = a massive QR image.

QR image names are UUIDs generated randomly. They exist for a max of 24 hours before being purged.

Not sure how to do a URL shortener though without owning a domain name that was short to begin with. Example something like "" then I could generate URLs "" or "" or something based on the input URL.I could definitely make a "" generated URL but that's already really log. :)

Maybe I could plug into tinyurl or bitly and then just use their URLs while displaying the QR code or something?

  • What would sometimes be handy - Puckdropper, Thu Aug 04 2022 4:11am
    is a way to transfer messages back and forth between systems. Something like URLs or maybe passwords (appropriately warned about insecure passwords.) So, you load and it gives you a text box. You enter your text and it spits out a temporary URL that goes away after about... more
    • QR code functionality added.- Erik_, Thu Aug 04 2022 12:19pm
      • Even if you did - Puckdropper, Sat Aug 06 2022 3:32am
        It's still useful because you can just delete the characters at the end (if your system doesn't "help" too much) and enter the new stuff. Or the QR code is the link to the website (so it can be as long as you'd like) and the website displays the text. Firefox Android scans it and asks if you'd like... more
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