Glad some of if went well. Moving that's usually...
Thu Aug 04, 2022 4:17pm

best that you can hope for. 6 hours unloading the truck doesn't seem too terrible depending on how much you have. We helped my friend move last summer with a whole bunch of people and it was a 12 hour deal.

Not sure about gas. Our house only has an oil burner and water heater. We had to pay the previous owners for what was left in the tank I think... Everything else here is electric. I don't remember my friend having to restart their gas when they bought their house though. I thought it might have been like electric, sewers, water, etc where you just give them the day you moved in and it transfers over to you with no service interruption.

Maybe gas is different though as if a house is left empty for a while and gets a leak it could cause a big big problem.

Thanks. I'm very curious to what it could be. I honestly have no idea. haha

  • Some parts went well - Puckdropper, Thu Aug 04 2022 3:48am
    Others not so well. We hired a crew via Thumbtack to unload the truck. They did so quite effectively. (We spent a good 3 hours before they got there unloading to the point we could get to the beds. They took 3 hours to unload the rest of the truck. When the previous owner disconnected, they shut... more
    • Glad some of if went well. Moving that's usually...- Erik_, Thu Aug 04 2022 4:17pm
      • That's how I thought the handoff would go - Puckdropper, Sat Aug 06 2022 3:44am
        It'd be so easy, especially with the newer smart meters, to read the meter and change things over even if your new owner calls a week or two after the previous owner disconnected things. I've thought about the house filling with gas explanation, but honestly I think that's MORE likely after charging... more
        • That's a good point about turning it on and off. - Erik_, Tue Aug 09 2022 10:11am
          Maybe the previous owner lapsed on the bill and it was turned off because of back payments? Google seems to say that utilities should ideally stay active during transfer of ownership.
          • No, it's just the city seems to be cheap. - Puckdropper, Wed Aug 10 2022 2:27am
            They weren't paying for any more gas than they had to, so they shut it off when the owner called to take the utilities out of their name. I've noticed the streets here are similar... They keep adding layers of asphalt but never seem to scrape any off. (Why? That would cost money.) That means the... more
            • I forget exactly how ours went... - Erik_, Sun Aug 14 2022 12:19am
              But the previous owners didn't take it out of their name, we transferred the utilities to us when either we moved in or went under contract. I forget exactly when. Either way, there wasn't a point where one party wasn't still paying for the utilities during the purchase/transfer. Streets here are... more
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