Back in college around 2005...
Sun Aug 14, 2022 12:35am

I had a friend who was a huuuuge Linux fanatic. I was using Slackware at the time and he convinced me to switch over to Debian. It was actually the "apt" package manager he showed me which sold me as with Slackware you had to build everything from source and manually manage your dependencies (aka a nightmare).

In any case, he specifically kept his /home/ directory on a separate partition and said I should do the same so that I could wipe out the distro and reinstall whenever I needed without losing me documents and stuff. I used to do that for a while but stopped. Doesn't seem like it matters much anymore now that everything finds its way under $HOME in some hidden folder.

Anway, rambled a bit there but the comment popped that memory back into my head. haha I've heard people unironically say that Linux doesn't need periodic reinstalls like Windows does but I don't really remember Windows reinstalls being common place after XP came out... and definitely not after Windows 7. I've been out of the Windows world for a while now so I'm not sure how it is with the current version.

About the spare drive, I've been meaning to pick up a 500GB SSD or maybe 1TB (depends on the price) to replace this 250GB one. Install fresh and copy over my files to. This laptop is like 7 years old now though.... The battery doesn't work, the CPU fan grinds when it runs but it overall works decent enough. Since the battery is dead, I only use it like a desktop these days. It's in a docking station with KB, mouse, and dual monitors. I would be nice to get a new computer all together but I don't see that happening in the near future.

There I go, rambling again...

  • But it's LINUX! IT DOESN'T NEED PERIODIC REINSTALLS!!!!1oneo - Puckdropper, Wed Aug 10 2022 2:18am
    Wow, 500 MB of Perl stuff just for one package manager. Sometimes I think they just don't ever look at how much they're accumulating. That would be interesting, if you had a spare drive to copy your install to. Just blow out the ~/.cache dir and see what happens. It'd be interesting to see what... more
    • Back in college around 2005...- Erik_, Sun Aug 14 2022 12:35am
      • Windows has much the same problem with programs - Puckdropper, Sat Aug 20 2022 2:32am
        writing stuff where they don't need to. It's gotten worse now that Program Files is considered "write once" and you're supposed to store things like high score tables or recently opened document lists (I'm making stuff up) in AppData, a hidden system folder. That's too hard, so they just write it to... more
        • I think those started with Windows XP, right? It's been forever since I've used it. But yeah, same issue. Everything gets clogged up in \Users\$username\** instead of /home/$username/** That would be an interesting concept. You would need a pretty locked down OS for something like that to work. I... more
          • I can't tell you why everyone seems to have a C:\Intel folde - Puckdropper, Thu Aug 25 2022 4:13am
            Guess the world's biggest PC microprocessor company (or second biggest?) can't figure out how to make their stuff work on Windows? It gets a little annoying having so many programs that haven't figured out the Windows system, but then again why is this so hard? Windows XP started really enforcing it... more
            • Dell used to do that too. - Erik_, Wed Sep 07 2022 11:52am
              I'm not sure if they do anymore but their device drivers would be in something like C:\dell. I guess they figure they want to keep it somewhere easy to find and completely separate from the OS related directories. Its interesting going back to my 486 where I have to use "dir /w" or "dir | more" on C:\... more
              • A good bit of it was C:\Program Files - Puckdropper, Thu Sep 08 2022 5:59am
                started to get locked down and Documents wasn't really the right place for things like device drivers. The users *would* delete them. [quote] Yep, exactly this. There would even probably be a StackOverflow question answered with "For what you're doing you should use fsave_manual. Using these parameters... more
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