That's how it should work
Sat Aug 20, 2022 2:14am

We had a closing date set on a Monday, couldn't make it because of schedule and closed on the following Friday. By then, the utilities had all been shut off. They were supposed to be on, but the previous owner never changed the cut off date.

Your taxes obviously aren't going to their stated purpose. I bet your governments say "we don't have enough money, we need more to fix the roads". They're all alike...

Yes, we're in a wanna-be city outside of Nashville. It tries to be a city and has some stuff going for it, but there's nothing really special about it. Everything special is in the town two towns over.

  • I forget exactly how ours went... - Erik_, Sun Aug 14 2022 12:19am
    But the previous owners didn't take it out of their name, we transferred the utilities to us when either we moved in or went under contract. I forget exactly when. Either way, there wasn't a point where one party wasn't still paying for the utilities during the purchase/transfer. Streets here are... more
    • That's how it should work- Puckdropper, Sat Aug 20 2022 2:14am
      • the utilities guy come out, turn the stuff off and then come back a week later to turn it back on. That's if they didn't push that bill on to you. Nashville seems like the happening place lately. I feel like I hear a lot of people moving to that area. Next place when/if I move will definitely... more
        • At least with a fence for when your kids start moving around - Puckdropper, Fri Oct 21 2022 11:39pm
          We've got big vinyl one that'll keep the kids contained for another year or so until the oldest figures out how to open the gate. :-) There is a lot of growth going on in Nashville. Home prices in California are crazy, 1.4 million for a Wry-like shack, and Nashville is up there but not too bad.... more
          • I couldn't imagine not having a fence. - Erik_, Fri Nov 11 2022 1:40am
            I'd be a panicked wreck without one. Unfortunately, my kid has already figured out how to open the simple fence latch. Not too much a deal as we're always right in the yard with him. If he gets too persistent about it, we can always add a lock or something to it. (It's a chain link fence). I like... more
            • We used a spring carabiner to solve that problem - Puckdropper, Fri Nov 11 2022 3:55am
              She'd open the gate without any problems, but didn't know how to make the carabiner work. It was kinda interesting watching adults operate it. Some would have no problem and others would get trapped and I'd have to let them out. The lock was going to be our next step if we needed it, but she matured... more
              • than a full blown lock. On our indoor doors, we have those spinny knob covers that seem to work for now.
                • You may have to turn the knob around backwards - Puckdropper, Sun Nov 27 2022 1:19am
                  Especially if it's a Kwikset with the hole. That will keep the little guy in when he's working on escaping. Ours has the spinny knob cover figured out. I put a hasp on the door and we use that to keep her in. Sometimes it takes an hour or better of her playing around to finally go to sleep.
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