I can't tell you why everyone seems to have a C:\Intel folde
Thu Aug 25, 2022 4:13am

Guess the world's biggest PC microprocessor company (or second biggest?) can't figure out how to make their stuff work on Windows? It gets a little annoying having so many programs that haven't figured out the Windows system, but then again why is this so hard? Windows XP started really enforcing it but it was part of the plan as NT was coming up.

I wonder what could happen if we were able to make the right way the easy way? "Dude, you know saving using fsave_manual($mydata, $location, $type, "User Request", $somecodeyoucan'tremembermaybe777, $etc) is the hard way, right? Just save($mydata, "User Request") and be done." Ah well, people are spectacularly lazy and they'd only learn fsave_manual because it did something they wanted (right or wrong) that save didn't do.

Windows Phone 8.1 was very nice. I hated giving up that phone but it just wasn't keeping up with software. I'm *still* missing features on Android that Windows 8.1 had. Maybe *real* android has it and not "Lineage OS" that OnePlus uses has stuff like the ability to set a separate text message tone that's not your notification tone.

Phones are just as capable as PCs, but trying to run an interface for one on the other is difficult. They can probably run the same data and processing layers but the UI layer has to be different. It could actually be very cool to see programs designed like that, but that's hard and you have to make that choice before the first line of code is written. It sure would be nice to see phones get rich interfaces rather than the "small=no features" thinking we're seeing now.

I don't think Lenovo understands the Thinkpad line. They seem to want to sell Thinkpads like they're fashionable clothes rather than realizing what we want. Durable machines that are comfortable to use, easy to fix but that don't need it.

  • I think those started with Windows XP, right? It's been forever since I've used it. But yeah, same issue. Everything gets clogged up in \Users\$username\** instead of /home/$username/** That would be an interesting concept. You would need a pretty locked down OS for something like that to work. I... more
    • I can't tell you why everyone seems to have a C:\Intel folde- Puckdropper, Thu Aug 25 2022 4:13am
      • Dell used to do that too. - Erik_, Wed Sep 07 2022 11:52am
        I'm not sure if they do anymore but their device drivers would be in something like C:\dell. I guess they figure they want to keep it somewhere easy to find and completely separate from the OS related directories. Its interesting going back to my 486 where I have to use "dir /w" or "dir | more" on C:\... more
        • A good bit of it was C:\Program Files - Puckdropper, Thu Sep 08 2022 5:59am
          started to get locked down and Documents wasn't really the right place for things like device drivers. The users *would* delete them. [quote] Yep, exactly this. There would even probably be a StackOverflow question answered with "For what you're doing you should use fsave_manual. Using these parameters... more
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