Heroku shutting down free services 11/28/22
Fri Aug 26, 2022 8:44am

I received an email from Heroku today that they're shutting down their free services completely 11/28/22. That's a bummer as my Perl test site will no longer be a testing ground and more importantly, the daily subscription email service for this site will be shut down.

Now I have to migrate the notifier code into the main code base so that it kicks off the emails each night instead of a separate service. The main code base is already a "god" project that should be split into four smaller projects (disc apps, admin, main site, instant email notifier). Oh well..

I can't say I'm surprised with this change. Offering free hosting and database with GitHub and other connections in almost any programming language for free has to be costing them a ton of money. Basically, they give you a small virtual Linux server and let you do what you want with it.

It's a bummer their lowest tier is somewhat on the expensive side compared to other hosting prices, otherwise I'd think about maybe just paying for the extra host for the notifier. (Few places seem to host Java as well which limits other host possibilities)

    • Maybe they'll come up with something for little guys? - Puckdropper, Sat Sep 03 2022 3:13am
      A tier that covers the cost of the once-free services but doesn't cost a lot of money. Does this mean the domain will have to change?
      • customers. (Dynos are what they call their virtual servers/docker containers). Ex: At this price tier, you get your paid dyno and a free one! Free ones spin down after an hour of being idle and have a limited number of online hours a month so it's not exactly a "buy one get one free" type of deal. ... more
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