Maybe they'll come up with something for little guys?
Sat Sep 03, 2022 3:13am

A tier that covers the cost of the once-free services but doesn't cost a lot of money.

Does this mean the nediscapp.herokuapp.com domain will have to change?

  • Heroku shutting down free services 11/28/22 - Erik_, Fri Aug 26 2022 8:44am
    I received an email from Heroku today that they're shutting down their free services completely 11/28/22. That's a bummer as my Perl test site will no longer be a testing ground and more importantly, the daily subscription email service for this site will be shut down. Now I have to migrate the notifier... more
    • Maybe they'll come up with something for little guys?- Puckdropper, Sat Sep 03 2022 3:13am
      • customers. (Dynos are what they call their virtual servers/docker containers). Ex: At this price tier, you get your paid dyno and a free one! Free ones spin down after an hour of being idle and have a limited number of online hours a month so it's not exactly a "buy one get one free" type of deal. ... more
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