A good bit of it was C:\Program Files
Thu Sep 08, 2022 5:59am

started to get locked down and Documents wasn't really the right place for things like device drivers. The users *would* delete them.

Yep, exactly this. There would even probably be a StackOverflow question answered with "For what you're doing you should use fsave_manual. Using these parameters .... you can get exactly what you want". And then there being another answer with a -20 score saying "No, use save as per the best practices and rework you code to comply".

I feel this is a symptom of the change to information hunt and peckers that the Internet has brought about. When knowledge was hoarded in college classrooms, libraries, books, etc. there was always a chance for an expert to say "you really should learn the easy way" before pulling out the hard way. (What if we renamed fsave_manual() to fsave_manual_dont-use-this_use--save_instead-you-big-jerk()? <- Notice the underscores and dashes to make it impossible to remember.)

This one simple change makes you able to use save!

Yeah, it's hard though with such limited screen space and having basically just mouse input (touch). Also, the audience of phones is much wider than PC. I feel like most phone apps are designed so they can be used without any real computer knowledge. Add a bunch of features and it becomes more complex.

You're right. My FIL doesn't need nor want a computer, but he requested a smart phone just recently. We're hoping he can learn to use Whatsapp to talk to his daughter for free.

It does all boil down to "know your audience." If you expect an educated and determined audience, add a lot of features. If you want clueless and unmotivated, add only the bare minimum features you can. The question I ask sometimes, though, is you've already got a backend that can handle this so why not expose it on the phone? We have ways of presenting options to let someone choose, they're called "menus".

  • Dell used to do that too. - Erik_, Wed Sep 07 2022 11:52am
    I'm not sure if they do anymore but their device drivers would be in something like C:\dell. I guess they figure they want to keep it somewhere easy to find and completely separate from the OS related directories. Its interesting going back to my 486 where I have to use "dir /w" or "dir | more" on C:\... more
    • A good bit of it was C:\Program Files- Puckdropper, Thu Sep 08 2022 5:59am
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