60 kOhm seems too high.
Thu Sep 08, 2022 6:03am

Usually pullup resistors are 5-10k, but I'd think your keyboard should read either infinite ohms or 0 ohms with respect to ground.

  • that a guy on the AtariAge forum suggested. It didn't change anything but at least the chip socket is soldered in there better. Yeah, I think it was a combination of the two sockets. The POKEY socket was making a bad connection from corrosion and then the keyboard socket is making a bad connection... more
    • 60 kOhm seems too high.- Puckdropper, Thu Sep 08 2022 6:03am
      • on my meter. It's sort of an "on/off" type of thing. (Need to replace it). Final solder job with some reflowed and flux cleaned off. There's two pins on the left side that look like they could use a tiny bit more solder but I think it might be okay. Cartridge slot switch bypass jumper soldered... more
        • Is it just my angle or is there a bridge on the right-hand s - Puckdropper, Mon Sep 12 2022 11:36pm
          side above the jumper resistor? A trick with dirty switches is to move them back and forth a bunch of times, like 100 or more, until the contacts clean themselves off. If it's one of the more open types, you may be able to squirt some CRC 2-26 (from Home Depot) in there to help clean the contacts.... more
          • I think it might be a piece of paper towel - Erik_, Tue Sep 13 2022 1:53pm
            from me wiping the rubbing alcohol off. Yeah, I've flipped it a bunch and cleaned it with CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. It's much better than it was. Probably just needs some more "back and forth". I think it is that keyboard connector. I just took a few minutes and removed the 4 screws that hold... more
            • Is it just a ribbon cable? - Puckdropper, Thu Sep 15 2022 4:30am
              I never got the tools to properly work with one, but they're pretty straight forward. You can probably put a new end on by smashing it into a new connector, but who knows how good of termination you'd get. If it's like an IDE cable, it's just headers and sockets.
              • Sort of... - Erik_, Sat Sep 17 2022 12:44am
                Here's a pic I found online It's more like through hole IC pins on a "ribbon" like cable. I could solder another connector that plugs into the board onto these pins but might be easier to replace the socket on the board first.
                • I see. It does sound easier to work on the board first - Puckdropper, Thu Sep 22 2022 5:10am
                  Hopefully that's where the problem is. I think I saw something like that on a "make it a 286" chip upgrade. You pulled the 8088 out of the motherboard and plugged it into the board. You could then switch via a toggle switch between your 8088 and 80286. Of course the cable is missing on mine!
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