I remember that... is it still online?
Sun Sep 11, 2022 12:57am

It would be interesting to play through that again.

I started working on a slightly longer and different version in my emulator (Using Atari BASIC) where I can save what I'm working on. So far, just trying to think of a story or at least the basic idea of one.

Yeah, for the Atari, it uses the SIO port to connect the tape deck so you can't just plug in any tape deck to read/write. (Though I'm sure there's some sort of "How to" converters out there.)

My thought was to use an actual cassette in the Atari deck while using the computer and save the file there. To transfer, I can put it in a regular cassette deck with a regular mono/stereo out plug and plug that into my line-in on my computer and record the tape via Audacity.

To play cassettes on the computer, I was thinking about using one of these cassette adapters for the car:

Put the tape in the Atari cassette deck and the plug in my laptop. Hit play on the drive and then play on the laptop where I have something queued up in some sort of audio playing software (probably Audacity again). Could also easily replay my previous saved Wry tape this way if I wanted to.

One nice thing about the car adapter is that it doesn't actually use the spindles that advance/rewind the tape so if the belts are busted, it should still work.

  • I think that was longer than "Erik's Computer Repair Adventu - Puckdropper, Sat Sep 03 2022 3:45am
    re" that I just threw together in PHP. One thing I've wondered about is using a PC as a "tape recorder", but never did get around to trying it. I don't think the Atari will let you use a tape recorder of your choosing, but the TI994/a would and I think the Commodore 64 *might* have that option.... more
    • I remember that... is it still online?- Erik_, Sun Sep 11 2022 12:57am
      • No, I guess it got taken down during some reorganization. - Puckdropper, Mon Sep 12 2022 11:47pm
        It's still up in code form on the old new forums, though: Sounds like a good way to transfer files to and from modern computers. I was initially wondering if the cassette adapter could record too, but I don't think any of them ever could.... more
        • That thread was a fun trip down memory lane - Erik_, Tue Sep 13 2022 9:50am
          Your write up idea was good. My ideas thrown back were pretty horrible though. Haha. One idea that did eventually become a thing in Wry Mono was the game stats. I liked the worry about Dial up users.. I forgot how late dial up was still common. I think I even still had an account in 2006. "Grabbing... more
          • Sometimes I forget just how well text compresses - Puckdropper, Thu Sep 15 2022 4:41am
            and probably decompresses. It can be fairly quick too. Might be something that's doable still... The biggest issue is figuring out the best format for the story storage and then everything else would fall in to place. Good design here means lots of good compatibility later. Kinda like how Word... more
            • for transmitting over a REST request. I've started working on a Perl program(s) now that it's been my current language of fixation for the past few months. Once it gets a bit more polished, I'll make an actual post about it. Anyway, it works like: * Server has a bunch of text data documents that... more
              • I can see why exactly that works - Puckdropper, Thu Sep 22 2022 5:23am
                Your machine is much faster than the network, so it's going to be much faster if it can do the work rather than wait for the data to be transmitted. Sometimes I wonder if Internet traffic could be more compressed so the CPU does the work rather than the other CPU or programmer. It could really help... more
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