I can see why exactly that works
Thu Sep 22, 2022 5:23am

Your machine is much faster than the network, so it's going to be much faster if it can do the work rather than wait for the data to be transmitted. Sometimes I wonder if Internet traffic could be more compressed so the CPU does the work rather than the other CPU or programmer. It could really help on slower connections. (So would not doing things like downloading fonts and 10-MB frameworks, but we can't fix that level of stupid.)

I've experienced just how easy it is to move things around when your network is wireless. I really should have hooked up my printer via a cable, but it was just so convenient to use the built-in WiFi that I never got around to it despite the printer being about 6 ft away from the router! Hooking up a cable would have meant finding one (it's in a box labeled "network cables" so that's not hard), then routing it, then plugging it in. Meh, Wifi works for now. (I bet the wired connection will still work after we're on to like WPA7 and Brother has stopped releasing Firmware updates.)

  • for transmitting over a REST request. I've started working on a Perl program(s) now that it's been my current language of fixation for the past few months. Once it gets a bit more polished, I'll make an actual post about it. Anyway, it works like: * Server has a bunch of text data documents that... more
    • I can see why exactly that works- Puckdropper, Thu Sep 22 2022 5:23am
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