Over time, I bet your fans
Wed Nov 09, 2022 4:35am

would just use Geocities. Oh, Erik's dehumidifier might be acting up again so let's just go to GeoCities...

What is New York heat like in the summer anyway?

  • I used to try and fail over to my GeoCities account - Erik_, Thu Nov 03 2022 11:14am
    when the site went down. On GeoCities I just had a news page up. Ex: http://nukementerprises.puckdroppersplace.us/archive/6_18_09/index.html That's where most of those "Site down" updates are from. That said, it would actually take me realizing the site was down then update GeoCities and finally... more
    • Over time, I bet your fans- Puckdropper, Wed Nov 09 2022 4:35am
      • One good thing I can say about self hosting is it... - Erik_, Thu Nov 10 2022 11:32am
        was it was at least some good starter experience on how to set up and run an Apache web server and set up basic networking routes to my server. Though, that wasn't a good experience for anyone else! haha Not sure about upstate NY, but here on LI, it gets very hot in August. Usually high 80s-90s and... more
        • Yeah, definitely a good experience for that! - Puckdropper, Fri Nov 11 2022 4:02am
          Setting up a Plex server should be easy then, right? It took me a bit of time to figure it all out, I can't imagine trying to go from one route to another one, I just had router to server to contend with. Sounds like Illinois, except the humidity comes and goes.
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